Your Money at Work

NCDF's 2014 Year in Review 

We are pleased to report a successful 2014. We posted solid financial results thanks to on-target earned revenue and supplemented by grants from foundations, supporters and the CDFI Fund. Growing investments by our members helped leverage additional dollars from allies and supporters. Our cooperative fund grew to over $10 million and we made $3.1 million in loans and investments to 16 co-ops in eight states:

  • Eight loans and investments in food co-ops:

    • Five loans for grocery co-op expansions

    • One loan for a grocery start-up

    • Two equity investments in grocery co-op expansion projects

  • Two loans to worker-owned co-ops that were expanding their operations.

  • Six loans to cooperative housing:

    • One loan was used to buy a residence

    • Five were to make improvements and repairs on existing residences

 Our financing leveraged $35 million in capital to these co-ops from other sources. The cooperatives we provided loans to generated jobs, built affordable places to live, and advanced our mission of building democratic economies and transforming local communities. Our loans:

  • Created and retained 583 jobs

  • Built and maintained 87 affordable housing units

  • Extended 92% of our financing to cooperatives in economically disadvantaged communities

We are well positioned to maintain the momentum in 2015 and assist more and more co-ops in reaching their goals.